"Good quality for good life"

Message from DNTFOOD

   Operated in rice industry in Vietnam since 2006, we are proud to introduce Vietnamese high quality rice products to the world, develop the co-operation and bring satisfaction to many international counterparts. We are lucky to have many opportunities to work with the international counterparts, to approach the advanced technologies, machineries and world modern rice processing technique and accumulate good experience in  producing, processing and trading of high quality rice and develop such experience at Vietnam. In every stage, we directly work with the farmers, the factories to strictly supervise the processes of cultivation, harvesting and processing in order to bring high quality rice products into the world.
   Established and own DNTFOOD since 2010, we work incessantly to build up DNTFOOD as a reliable partner in providing the high quality rice and we also expected that Vietnam high quality rice products shall be favourite products of the Consumer all over the world.
   In order to serve the Customer better and meet its strict requirements, we continously invest in innovating of processing technology, training and impulsing the personnel to work with passion, pridefullness and honest as always and accumulate more professional experince in rice industry.
We look forward to welcome you to visit our factory and meeting with our team to develop a sustainable co-operation for mutual benefit.

DIRECTOR“The natural conditions of Vietnam produce many different high quality rice products having excellent flavour and our duty is to introduce it to the consumer all over the world for tasting of Vietnam rice flavour.
But above all, rice is an important foodstuff in our life and it directly influences to our health, hence our principle of business is to only bring the safe and best quality products to the people and contributing to make this life better.
Thank for your goodwill and we look forward to receiving your continuous support.
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