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Principle of Business

We offer flexible co-operation methods relying on the business particularity and demand of Customer.


► Crop output underwriting Contract:

We directly inspect, supervise the cultivation and processing of every rice variety per Customer’s request. This is to ensure that the Customer receive the product having particularity with quality and quantity as its required. The selection of rice variety, caring method and term of harvet are important elements for producing of requried rice product.


► Long-term Supply Contract:

We select the variety, standards per crop in accordance with Customer’s request, storage as per customer’s specific preservation requirement and export per volume ordered. This is to secure a volume of goods with pre-selected crop homogenerous quality and stable price as agreed, to ensure the stability in sales transactions with profit to be pre-determined.


► Prompt Delivery Contract:

To provide the products at different time with best qualtiy and prices suit Customer’s demand. Customer takes initiative in booking of quantity, variety, standard, dealing time suit to its demand with reasonable price. The contract will be promptly carried out and the goods shall be delivered as per customs’s instruction.

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